The Mysterious Man Who Is So Controversial, Glenn Beck Can’t Even Show His Face on TV

Glenn Beck on Monday introduced his audience to Los Angeles-based artist ‘Sabo,’ who has infuriated the left by plastering conservative art around the notoriously liberal city. Because his work is illegal, Beck was unable to show Sabo’s face, and noted that Sabo is not the man’s real name.

“Nobody really knows his real name,” Beck said of Sabo. “He’s the guy who did the Wendy Davis Barbie doll art, the Hillary Clinton flying monkeys and all the things you’ve seen about the drones.”

Los Angeles-based artist Sabo speaks with Glenn Beck on June 9, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Los Angeles-based artist Sabo speaks with Glenn Beck on June 9, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Sabo explained that one of the reasons he feels compelled to create his art is because of the monopoly the left has over the spheres of education and entertainment.

“Anything that reaches your eyes, ears, or heart is coming from the left,” he said. “We have a great message, we just don’t have anyone to tell it because they’ve all been indoctrinated.”

Sabo spoke about his most famous pieces, like the poster of a tattooed, smoking Ted Cruz, which he did because he thought “Ted Cruz, visually, was a little boring, but the way he acts is … bold.”

Sabo also spoke about some of the criticism he has received for his more controversial works, like those that compare President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler.

“[We’re] arming so many federal agencies to the teeth with bullets and tanks, and you’re wondering why. You’re almost seeing what happened at the beginning of WW2 happening right in front of you, and no one’s questioning the man because he’s black,” Sabo remarked. “When you put Hitler on this unreachable pedestal, that makes it that much more likely that another Hitler’s going to come in from the back door.”

The artist said a critic once told him that his grandfather survived the Holocaust, and that he was offended by his work.

Sabo replied: “I don’t mean to offend your grandfather. What I’m trying to do is keep his grandson from suffering the same fate.”

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Sabo said we’ve almost reached a point where “Republicans dare not say anything without fear of getting hit over the head,” but he wishes more would stand up for their beliefs.

“I live in Los Angeles, and I know my share of Republicans … They have their Ferraris, their Aston Martins, their Bentleys. They bitch, moan and complain about the state of politics. And my thought is, ‘Man, if I only had one night of the money that you spend on hookers and booze, I could change the narrative, at least a little bit.’ And they never do. They’ll never donate.”

When pressed on how much money he would need to “change the narrative,” Sabo said he once told a friend: “Man if I had ten grand, I could own this town.”

When Beck asked Sabo if he is concerned he will be arrested, noting that the way he plasters his art around the city is technically vandalism, Sabo replied: “What I do is illegal, but at 46 years old, I have a little bit of bark on me.”

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