On Wednesday’s “Late Night” on NBC, host Seth Meyers decided to go with a racially tinged joke about shooting “something white” during his monologue. And the audience’s reaction could be the bigger story.

“This story is nuts,” Meyers began. “A man in Arizona was arrested for unlawfully discharging a firearm after he tried to shoot the moon with a handgun. Well, on the bright side, at least he was shooting at something white. That’s the bright side.”

That initially caused several audible “oohs” from the audience. But those “oohs” soon gave rise to something a little more disturbing: wild applause.

Watch it below via Grabien:

To be fair, the initial “oohs” could show how the audience really felt, and the wild applause could be a way to deal with the awkward initial reaction. But that still doesn’t explain away everything.

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