We May Have Found the Worst Post Office in the Country — Just Wait Until You Read the Reviews

Not many of us relish the thought of heading to the post office.

But if you’re lucky enough to have thus far managed to avoid a USPS facility in the Brooklyn, New York, neighborhood of Williamsburg, you may want to stop the next local mail carrier you see and shout a hearty “thank you.”

USPS customer Lindsay R. of Brooklyn posted this photo apparently from the Williamsburg branch with the message: "Some helpful advice from a frustrated customer. Desperately scrawled on the package pickup desk." (Image source: Yelp)
USPS customer Lindsay R. of Brooklyn posted this photo apparently from the Williamsburg branch with the message: “Some helpful advice from a frustrated customer. Desperately scrawled on the package pickup desk.” (Image source: Yelp)

Because based on a nearly universal single-star rating and hundreds of decidedly negative adjectives and descriptive phrases on Yelp, the U.S. post office at 263 S. 4th St. could very well be the worst one in America.

Dan B. of Brooklyn seems to think so at least: “If I could give it 0 stars I would. This place is the worst run government office in the entire United States. I really hope they shut this place down.” He then offered an visual illustration:

"Everyone is miserable," Dan B. says. (Image source: Yelp)
“Everyone is miserable,” Dan B. said. (Image source: Yelp)

“Trying to get my mail from the Williamsburg Brooklyn post office makes me feel like I am dealing with a third world communist bureaucracy,” wrote Ari R. of Brooklyn. “So pathetic.”

[sharequote align=”right”]”Makes me feel like I am dealing with a third world communist bureaucracy.”[/sharequote]

“Terrible. Terrible. Terrible,” opined T V., also of Brooklyn, while neighbor Lily K. added, “Horrible, just horrible.”

“Worst. Place. On. Earth,” noted MM of Brooklyn.

“Screw this place,” said Zach S. of Brooklyn. “Not only that. Screw the entire United States Postal Service. Seriously…a vortex of terrible.”

A Manhattanite, Lisa P., noted in her comment that she “registered with Yelp just to complain about this post office — that’s how bad it is!!”

There are accusations of theft:

“Yesterday I when to pick up my package, I waited for over an hour and when (I) finally got my package…It was open and a big mess…When I got home I realize they stole from the box,” wrote Honest P. of Brooklyn. “My mother (sent) me an expensive perfume and some cookies that she knows I love. I only got the cookies.”

Ken R. of Brooklyn added that “thievery is  rampant in this USPS. In that last four months I have had four out of five packages stolen. And thefts have happened historically over the last fourteen years from this office. I make every attempt to not have vendors send items via USPS…”

One customer believes the fall of the U.S. postal system will be traced back to this particular branch.

“This post office seriously is the worst thing to happen to post offices,” Lacie Z. of Brooklyn wrote. “One day when the US postal system is obsolete they will write about this f**king office in the text books as the #1 reason why the entire USPS collapsed.”

Then she added her own visual descriptor:

Image source: Yelp)
Image source: Yelp)

What may be the most maddening example of customer discontent comes from jay f. of Brooklyn:

I had a package that I wanted sent to Australia.

Where does the [bi**h] send it?


I (as usual) yelled at her behind the glass window for a while about how moronic she was, and another customer behind me from Austria got involved, her package had been sent to, wait for it,


“This place is the reason normal people suffer from cerebral aneurysms,” claimed Nelson L. of New York, New York. “You get there, and there’s no freakin’ automated machine. How is that possible? Isn’t every post office required to have at least one?”

To be fair, he cast some blame on the shipping and receiving habits of neighborhood residents: “And also, is every person in Williamsburg running an Etsy business out of their apartments? Literally every person in line will have no less than 7 boxes filled with fake vintage jackets made out of recovered license plates or some other kind of Williamsburg cliché that they’re trying to ship to thousand different locations which the tellers of course wont comprehend.”

But Nelson returned to what he sees as the post office’s lack of efficiency and effort: “And of course, god help you if you have to go pick up a package there. They will take your ticket, go to the back, and after what will be no less than 10 minutes, will come back with one of your packages. But only one at a time. I’m pretty sure they’ve got World of Warcraft running in the back office and they’re running dungeon raids in during each package pickup, otherwise what else could be taking so long?”

Kate B. of Brooklyn warns, "Don't forget your license! They'll paste it to the window with your SSN there for all to see!"
Kate B. of Brooklyn warned, “Don’t forget your license! They’ll paste it to the window with your SSN there for all to see!”

Now there are a couple of folks who gave the Williamsburg post office very high marks.

Swan B. of Brooklyn offered four stars, saying, “I like this post office. The people are always very friendly and I always get slips if I miss a package. As for the long lines, that’s is all of our fault for using them too much and our government’s fault for understaffing the USPS.  It must be hell for them to deal every day, every hour with so many ingrates.” (Incidentally he received 16 “funny” votes for this comment.)

Sean R. from Los Angeles gave the place a whopping five stars: “You know what? I like this place. Lines are long at every post office, but the folks here are actually pretty good humored and fairly helpful,” he wrote, adding this strange closing observation. “Ted Cruz sucks.”

[sharequote align=”center”]”This place is the reason normal people suffer from cerebral aneurysms.”[/sharequote]

And Jenny L. of Brooklyn actually upgraded her rating from one star to two stars. Why? When she called the post office’s number, “SOMEONE PICKED UP!!! and he helped me SEARCH FOR MY PACKAGE!!! and he FOUND MY PACKAGE and said he would HOLD IT FOR ME.”

When she figured she’d just have a mail carrier redeliver it, the fella dropped this telling opinion: “There’s no use,” he told Jenny. “I know these people, they won’t even go upstairs, and they won’t knock on your door, and even if they do they will leave before you even get to answer your door; I will hold your package for you until you come to get it, don’t worry, I will hold it.”

So Jenny showed up at the pickup window and said, “I just called about two packages. ‘Avery?’ Yes! And I got my packages.”

TheBlaze reached out to Edward F. Roggenkamp, the Brooklyn postmaster, as well as his spokeswoman, to learn if complaints about the Williamsburg branch are being handled — but neither were available Friday.

And did we try the listed phone number for the actual Williamsburg branch in Brooklyn on Friday afternoon and, as you might be guessing, no one picked up after 11 rings — and a rather high-pitched buzz (no, not a fax machine).