Patriotic Rockers, American Craftsmen Join The Marketplace by TheBlaze

Madison Rising

Unlike many popular musicians who focus on negativity, anti-American sentiments or hedonistic desires, the rockers of Madison Rising fill their songs with positive messages about soldiers, freedom, liberty and living the American dream.

Since launching in 2011 (marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11), the band members have proudly expressed their passionate love of country with every performance and have quickly become known as America’s most patriotic band.

Image via Madison Rising

Madison Rising is now selling American-made band merch at The Marketplace by TheBlaze.

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Patriot Wood

Also new to The Marketplace is Patriot Wood, a small business woodshop owned by carpenter and photographer Art Pinney.

Before his kids started school, Art enjoyed working as a photographer because it allowed him to work from home and take care of his kids during the week. But after his youngest child started kindergarten, he quickly realized just how precious (and limited) quality time spent with his children really is.

Patriot Wood
Photo: Patriot Wood

Art decided to spend more time honing his abilities in woodworking to create beautiful wooden flags. Starting with just 18 flags, Art’s repertoire has quickly expanded to more than 40 unique, authentic designs. Studying the historical origins of the flags sparked Art’s desire to ensure every one of his flags is sized and designed as accurately as possible.

“It’s important to me to capture the spirit and character of the flag through my art while staying true to the design specifications of each flag,” Art told The Marketplace.

Handcrafted from cedar wood, each flag is built to be used as wall decor, both indoors and out.

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Stealth Furniture

Using the carpentry skills he learned from his father, Lee Hershberger started crafting furniture designed to protect valuables by keeping them hidden in plain sight. With the growing popularity of his products, Lee has demonstrated secret compartment furniture to be a viable alternative to many other safes on the market.

Stealth Furniture
Photo: Stealth Furniture

Lee’s skillfully crafted Stealth Furniture provides a way for people to keep their valuables secure without intruding on the peaceful interior designs of their homes. His quality furniture is made in America and built to last a lifetime.

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