Shooting Sports Manufacturer Hornady Does Something Pretty Unique Involving $61,000

On Friday, employees of shooting sports manufacturer Hornady — in Grand Island, Nebraska — got their paychecks, and a little something else: $61,000 in $2 bills.

“Two years ago, we caught a lot of flack from the city council and some people in the city of Grand Island for how we don’t support the community and we don’t do things around here, which we disagreed with,” Jason Hornady, the company’s vice president, told

So the company president, Hornady’s dad, came up with the idea to give employees their bonuses in $1 coins and ask them to spend the coins in town.

The next year they switched to bills, for convenience’s sake.

“We gave out $48,000 worth of $2 bills and asked our employees to spend that money in town, and if people look at you funny, tell them where you work, and we think that they will notice,” Hornady said. “This year it is going to be $61,000 worth of $2 bills.”

Image via Shutterstock
Image via Shutterstock

Hornady said getting 30,500 of the rare $2 bills takes a little foresight — they order the bills a month in advance.

The healthy size of the bonuses is due, in large part, to an “unbelievable spike in demand” for Hornady’s products, shooting sports equipment.

Featured image via Shutterstock

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