‘S**t Started to Get Weird’: Fans Reportedly Begin Crying and Vomiting After Satanist Band Does Something Unbelievably Grotesque

Some concert goers reportedly found themselves vomiting and crying after a Swedish heavy metal band showered them with pigs’ blood during a supposed “Satanic ritual” in New York on Sunday night, according to TMZ.

Members of the band Watain, who are theistic Satanists, purportedly brought their faith into their performance over the weekend at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar venue in Brooklyn, New York, filling what appeared to be a goat skull with animal blood and using it to splatter the audience.

According to TMZ, some in the audience apparently vomited, while others cried. But no one complained to police, though the Toronto Sun reported that some people were said to have walked out after the spectacle.

These actions are nothing new for Watain, as The Sun reported that the metal band sometimes performs with rotting goat carcasses on stage and regularly hurls animal blood.

The below video purports to show the band throwing the blood on cheering fans:

Drew Millard of Noisey, Vice’s music site, was on the scene and later described exactly what he saw and experienced — and his account is pretty grotesque.

“S**t started to get weird around the time Watain frontman Erik Danielsson brought out this (I assume) Satanic talisman thingy, which from my vantage point looked kind of like a human skull with ram horns jammed into it, held it aloft, then waved it around like he was casting a spell onto the crowd,” Millard wrote.

He continued, “That’s around the time people started leaving the mosh pit with blood on them. Shortly after that, it started to smell ungodly, like human flesh was actively putrefying in the room. And that, believe it or not, was when people started throwing up.”

Millard noted that some of the crowd really started getting into the show at that point and that they began “stumbling” around the venue “as if they were under a spell, possessed by the unholy.”

Read his complete description.

(H/T: Breathecast)