When Armed Men Broke Into His Home, He Called 911. When He Called 911, He Got a Voicemail. When the Thugs ‘Beat the S**t’ Out of His Wife, He Didn’t Wait for Police to Arrive.

A man was forced to take matters into his own hands during a violent home invasion when he was transferred to voicemail after dialing 911. The man instead relied on the Second Amendment to keep him and his family safe when the men returned unexpectedly.

Police say four armed men broke into a home in Port Richey, Florida, last week and demanded cash and prescription drugs. The homeowner told the 911 dispatcher that they had been robbed and the suspects “beat the s**t out of me and my wife and my stepmother.”

When the dispatcher attempted to transfer the man to the police, he was apparently transferred to voicemail instead just as the thugs returned to his home.

In chaotic audio released by police, the man can be heard screaming at the home invaders and eventually telling a dispatcher that he shot one of them.

“I just shot one!” the man says in the audio. Howling screams are heard in the background.

Police reportedly released a timeline showing that deputies were dispatched about three and a half minutes after the original call. They say the unfortunate transfer did not slow down the police’s response time. County officials say they are taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Three of the four would-be robbers, including the man shot by the homeowner, have been apprehended by police.

(H/T: Orlando Sentinel)