The Oscar-Winning Film You May Not Have Known Was Created to ‘Bust Liberals’

Director Paul Haggis says he intended to “bust liberals” when he wrote his Oscar-winning 2005 film “Crash.”

Director Paul Haggis (HuffPost Live)
Director Paul Haggis (HuffPost Live)

“I wanted to write that movie and bust liberals. It’s too easy to bust folks we consider to be racist,” he said in an interview with HuffPost Live on Wednesday.

“It’s those people who think, ‘We have it all figured out,’ who think, ‘We’re good people, we’re good liberals’ — those are the people you can’t trust, because there’s a level of denial,” he added.

Haggis recalled a bad review “Crash” received, which he says encapsulated the point he was trying to make with the film.

“I remember when ‘Crash’ came out, I got a bad review in The Hollywood Reporter or some place, and they said, ‘Oh please, if this movie had come out 10 years ago, it would be significant, it would be talking about issues that matter at the time, but we’ve solved these problems basically.’ That week, there was a race riot at Santa Monica High School,” he said.

The Hollywood director also openly admitted that all of the characters in “Crash” were a reflection of his own racial fears.

However, Haggis is not a conservative or even right-leaning. He told HuffPost Live host Ricky Camilleri that he is “left of liberal” and then joked about being “a little left of Mao.”

Watch the segment via HuffPost Live below (relevant portion starts at around 4:30):