Why a Woman Who Disagrees With Glenn Beck on Almost Every Issue Is Applauding Him

Glenn Beck began his radio show Monday by reading a blog post written by a woman with whom he disagrees on almost every major issue, except one — that Common Core will do irreversible damage to our children’s future if it’s not repealed.

“I survive mostly on tofu; do yoga enough that I can actually call it a practice; and invite women to do what they chose [sic] with their own bodies,” the blog post written by Kathleen Jasper on ConversationED, began. “I hate guns and have pictures of Gloria Steinem and Hillary Clinton pegged to my vision board.”

Former assistant principal Kathleen Jasper discusses standardized testing and Common Core on the Glenn Beck Program May 15, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Former assistant principal Kathleen Jasper discusses standardized testing and Common Core on the Glenn Beck Program May 15, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Yet Beck and Jasper have become unlikely allies in the fight to reform America’s education system, moving it away from Common Core and high-stakes standardized testing. Jasper appeared on Beck’s radio and television programs on May 15, and will be participating in Beck’s summer event, “We Will Not Conform,” on July 22.

Jasper, a former assistant principal from Florida, wrote that she was shocked by how “quiet and kind” Beck was in real life, compared to the “crazy personality” she had come prepared to meet.

“As we went live on his show, he gave me a microphone and a camera knowing I disagreed with him on most issues,” Jasper’s post continued. “He let me talk about what I wanted for over 15 minutes on two separate shows. After it was all over, he complemented [sic] me and gave me a hug. He told me we would work together again soon.”

Jasper said she started receiving a flood of supportive, kind emails from the right, while her own “side” demanded to know why she would ever go on Beck’s show. Jasper said one person even told her: “We CANNOT align with the right no matter what!”

Jasper responded:

While conservatives are giving me airtime on their shows with no parameters or conditions, my own party has not returned my calls. And let’s just say MSNBC isn’t blowing up my phone with opportunities.

The only time I’m contacted from the left is through emails and private Facebook messages criticizing my alliance with Glenn Beck and the right.


This notion that you’re either with us or against us is impeding the movement.

So I will stand proudly with Glenn Beck on this issue and be grateful he gave me the opportunity to have my voice and message heard. This man treated me with respect and dignity on his set and provided me the platform necessary to have my voice heard. I am a loyal girl; so regardless of his views I will forever be his friend.

Beck described Jasper as someone with “tremendous credibility and tremendous honor and courage,” and asked how we got to the place where many believe “our party is more important than our country.”

“That’s something Americans have never believed before, and exactly what George Washington warned us against,” Beck said. “George Washington said these two parties, this two-party system, would be the death of us.”

Beck said it’s time for Americans to consider their priorities, and join with people across the aisle on common values and principles, before it is too late.

You can read Jasper’s complete post and ConversationEd.

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