Border Patrol Council Spokesman’s ‘Number One’ Thing America Must Do to Stem the Tide of Illegals

Shawn Moran, spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council, said Tuesday that the current wave of illegal aliens flooding across America’s southern border — creating what President Obama has called an “urgent humanitarian situation” — will not abate until we stop releasing those who have entered our country illegally.

“The number one thing we need to do is close the loophole; we have to stop releasing people,” Moran said on The Glenn Beck Program with guest host Dana Loesch. “I know it tugs at the heartstrings when it’s children, but we cannot allow people to be released.”

“That’s their end goal,” Moran continued. “They want to get to America, and we’re facilitating that. We’re processing them with very few consequences, and then telling them to show back up for a hearing that we know they’re never going to show up for.”

The number of illegal aliens crossing over America’s southern border is reported to have increased tenfold since 2011, with an estimated 60,000 children estimated to arrive in 2014 alone.

“I don’t know if there is an end in sight to this if we continue to allow people to be released,” Moran said. “Until we see something in a change of policy, people are going to continue to come here.”

Shawn Moran, spokesman for the national border patrol council, appears on The Glenn Beck Program June 24, 2014 with guest host Dana Loesch. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Shawn Moran, spokesman for the national border patrol council, appears on The Glenn Beck Program June 24, 2014 with guest host Dana Loesch. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Moran said border patrol stations quickly became overwhelmed as the number of illegals crossing each day skyrocketed, and that “about 45 percent of our people” are now inside doing administrative work, rather than actually securing our border.

“So that leaves about half our people out in the field, and the cartels know this,” Moran remarked. “They’re orchestrating these crossings and having people surrender to us instead of going to a port of entry, where they could more safely surrender. … It ties up border patrol agents on the ground and allows them to follow on with their drugs, weapons, special interest aliens, what have you.”

When Loesch asked how long before the situation becomes “critical,” Moran said it became critical six to eight months ago.

Moran added that the National Guard is only of limited use, unless they are “actually” allowed to help border patrol agents enforce the law.

“We’ve had the National Guard before, in Operation Jumpstart, and depending on the state and the sector that we were in, there was different rules of engagement,” Moran explained. “Sometimes agents would have to sit right next to a National Guard member because they were not allowed to be armed; they were not allowed to have any contact with illegal aliens.”

“If we’re going to take it seriously and actually allow the guard to help us enforce the law, then it may be useful,” Moran said. “But if they’re just going to be put out there and we have to take care of them, it really makes no sense to further tie our hands.”

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