Former Heinz CEO Bill Johnson called out President Barack Obama on Fox News Friday, calling his comparison of the federal government and business “feckless.”

Attempting to justify why some government programs are a waste of money, Obama recently said big companies also do things that “aren’t all that efficient either.”

Johnson said of the “feckless” comparison, “There’s just absolutely no comparison between business and the government, for a couple of reasons: One, any business that’s not efficient and has a lot of waste can’t compete. The government doesn’t have competition, business does.”

“Secondly, we have owners and shareholders who demand we be efficient and not have a lot of waste and improve our margins and profitability,” he continued. “And third, if you are completely inefficient and continue to be inefficient, you are also out of a job, which they’re not.”

Johnson argued it is “typical” of the Obama administration to “use excuses and try to push the debate where it doesn’t belong.”

It should be noted that the federal government has not had an annual budget surplus since 2001. It’s not a stretch to say no private company could survive operating like that.

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