Dana Loesch Puts Her Own Spin on Leftist Chants After Supreme Court’s Contraceptive Ruling

After the Supreme Court ruled Monday that the Affordable Care Act cannot force companies to pay for emergency contraceptives for their employees in violation of their religious beliefs, many on the left reacted with outrage.

“Birth control – not my boss’s business!” was one popular slogan seen throughout social media.

While guest hosting The Glenn Beck Program Monday, Dana Loesch modified some of the more popular slogans, saying hers would be more accurate, though less catchy.

Dana Loesch guest hosts The Glenn Beck Program June 30, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Dana Loesch guest hosts The Glenn Beck Program June 30, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Here are some of the slogans Loesch proposed:

“Not my boss’s business — but I want my boss to pay for it!”

“Hands off my uterus — just give it your dollars instead.”

“Women united will never be defeated (so pay for our birth control).”

“Not the church, not the state, women must control our fate (please finance our fate).”

Loesch said women’s access to contraceptives is no more restricted than it was before the ruling. All that has changed is that employers are no longer forced to pay for the contraceptives of others in violation of their religious liberties, she said.


The case was brought forward by Hobby Lobby, a Oklahoma-based retail chain owned by the Green family. The Greens said they are willing to cover 16 of the 20 birth control methods mandated by Obamacare to its employees, but not four others, like “Plan B,” because the risk of abortion goes against their religious beliefs.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote in his majority opinion, over a dissent from the four liberal justices, that forcing companies to pay for methods of women’s contraception to which they object violates the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act..

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