Some get dogs to deter break-ins but a North Carolina family’s pooches did no such thing.

Caught on the home’s surveillance camera, the dogs clearly noticed something was about to go wrong, apprehensively sniffing around the door. Then two burglars entered. When you see what one was holding, you can’t really blame the dogs for not being more aggressive.

One suspect brandished a large metal shovel, using it to push one of the dogs away from the door. Luckily, this suspect did not resort to using the shovel further because the dogs cowered from the men on the couch.

Though the video doesn’t have sound, it does appear the dogs gave a few wary barks.

The dogs were not harmed in the incident. (Image source: YouTube)

The dogs were not harmed in the incident. (Image source: YouTube)

The suspects made off with a TV and other valuables, according to authorities.

“While the family dogs were clearly frightened, they, thankfully, were not harmed,” the Durham County Sheriff’s Office said of the animals, posting the footage on YouTube in the hopes that it will help lead to information on the suspects.

Watch the video:


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