Pilot Executes Perfect ‘Belly Landing’ on Live TV After Landing Gear Malfunctions

The pilot and all three passengers aboard a single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza were spotted high-fiving and hugging each other after the pilot successfully executed a perfect “belly landing” on the grass alongside the airport’s runway.

What was the reason for the celebration? The six-passenger plane’s landing gear was malfunctioning and could not be deployed.

Image: KENS TV
Image source: KENS TV

The two-hour drama unfolded on live TV Tuesday, as viewers in San Antonio watched the small plane make several passes over the runway.

The pilot had noticed a problem just before 1 p.m. and notified the control tower at the San Antonio airport. Because the Beechcraft Bonanza carries fuel in the plane’s wings, it was decided that the pilot should circle the area, burning off as much fuel as possible before bringing the plane in for a landing.

Watch the landing that was carried live on local television station KENS-TV:


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