CNN’s Don Lemon Challenges Americans to Do This One Significant Thing in Inspiring Fourth of July Message

Imagine what could be accomplished in the United States if people viewed one another as “just an American, and not an American with a prefix.”

That was the main pillar of CNN anchor Don Lemon’s inspiring Fourth of July message during his Thursday radio appearance on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show,” during which he urged listeners to stop viewing each other through racial or political filters.

“We have a lot to learn from the men of Team USA in soccer. They did a whole lot more than coming close to winning the World Cup trophy, they taught us about what it means to be an American, to be a real patriot,” Lemon said.

CNN's Don Lemon was called a leader of "white people" by MSNBC host Toure. (Getty Images)
CNN’s Don Lemon was called a leader of “white people” by MSNBC host Toure. (Getty Images)

Even though USA was eliminated, Lemon said he was “happy” about how the team “unwittingly inspired Americans to come together to actually socialize with each other, in person and not on some electronic device.”

He also said he was inspired to see that the World Cup even had lawmakers in Washington, D.C., watching games alongside President Barack Obama. The display, Lemon said, reminds us that “we aren’t as divided as we think we are.”

“Think about just how much we’d get accomplished if we collectively viewed the people with whom we came into contact as just an American and not an American with a prefix,” Lemon added. “If we did it for something arguably as trivial as a sporting event, surely we can do it for something as important as democracy — just as our Founding Fathers did 238 years ago this week. Something to think about on this Independence Day.”

Listen to the audio via “The Tom Joyner Show:”

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