It’s Bad Enough That This Texas Grandma Suffered a Beating and a Mugging at Walmart — It’s Worse What She Says the Bystanders Did

A tough granny in Ft. Worth, Texas, has plenty of bruises to prove she’s not the type to just roll over and become a victim. And while she’s still suffering from the physical effects of being beaten and mugged in a Walmart parking lot, she’s also dealing with the emotional fallout that comes with what the bystanders who witnessed the assault did.

(Source: KDAF screen shot)
(Source: KDAF screen shot)

Inga Evans was at the store on Friday afternoon when a woman approached her and demanded Evans’ purse. When she refused, the crook turned violent and began beating her.

“She kept hitting me with both fists and worked me over pretty good until she knocked me down; and as she knocked me down on the concrete, I let go of the purse,” Evans told KDAF.

The attacker then fled to a nearby car that had a driver waiting to make the get away. Evans said the women then tried to use her credit card at a nearby McDonald’s. Police are still looking for the attacker and her accomplice.

But the worst part may be what Evans says some bystanders did.

“Nobody helped,” she explained.  “They all just had their cell phones going.  Just shooting. What goes around comes around, and one of these days they’re going to know what it feels like.”

Video of the incident appears to at least capture bystanders doing nothing. And one person does appear to be holding up their phone to record the incident: