Catholic Parade Makes Shocking Route Detour — and It’s an Alleged Slap in the Face for Pope Francis

Story by the Associated Press; curated by Dave Urbanski

ROME (AP) — In apparent defiance of Pope Francis, a church procession detoured from its route through a southern Italian town to honor a convicted mobster under house arrest.

Interior Minister Angelino Alfano on Sunday denounced the tribute in Oppido Mamertina — a Calabrian town and a ‘ndrangheta crime syndicate stronghold — as “deplorable and disgusting.”

On June 21, Francis, visiting Calabria, condemned the ‘ndrangheta for its “adoration of evil” and said its members were excommunicated.

The July 2 procession included clergy, the mayor, families and dozens of men carrying a Madonna statue on their shoulders — Alfano praised three Carabinieri policemen who abandoned the procession in disapproval.

In this Monday July 2, 2014 photo made available Sunday July 6, 2014, Oppido Mamertina mayor Domenico Giannetta, center , wearing a sash with Italian flag’s colors, flanked at left by Italian Carabinieri officer Andrea Marino walk during a religious procession in Oppido Mamertina, Calabria region, Southern Italy. (Image source: AP/Toni Condello)

Calabria’s anti-Mafia prosecutor, Nicola Gratteri, told The Associated Press that the detour to the mobster’s house appeared to be a “challenge to the diktat” of Francis.

Here’s a clip of Francis making his pronouncement regarding the ‘ndrangheta: