‘The N***er in the White House’: The Story Behind This Glaringly Offensive Op-Ed Headline About Obama

The glaringly offensive headline of a recent op-ed published in a New York newspaper reads: “The N***er in the White House.”

Surprisingly, the opinion piece is actually supportive of President Barack Obama. The author, James Collier, makes the popular argument among the left that Republican opposition to the president is rooted in racism.

Here’s the article ran by WestView News:

WestView News
WestView News

Underneath the controversial op-ed. the newspaper also published an opinion article by author Alvin Hall, a black man, pointing out why the headline is offensive.

Though WestView News were against the headline at first, the publisher said “Jim reminded me that the New York Times avoids using the word which convinced me that WestView should.”

(H/T: Mediaite)