Buck Sexton Rips Obama for Being ‘Obsessed With the Optics’ and Acting Solely for ‘Political Benefit’

TheBlaze’s national security adviser Buck Sexton on Thursday tore into President Obama for being “obsessed with the optics” of his actions — rather than the actual result of them — and for only making decisions that are “calculated for political benefit.”

“I suppose we can expect this to be something of a political food fight,” Sexton said, speaking about the crisis at the border. “Politicians lie, and few do so with the ease and fluency of falsehood that Obama possesses.”

Sexton said it is “amazing just how selective Obama’s selective enforcement of the law can actually be,” joking that “perhaps Obama should’ve said, ‘If you like your border enforcement policy, you can keep it.'”

TheBlaze's Buck Sexton speaks about the crisis at the border while guest hosting The Glenn Beck Program July 10, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
TheBlaze’s Buck Sexton speaks about the crisis at the border while guest hosting The Glenn Beck Program July 10, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

“You see, he simply isn’t going to preside over the deportation of tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children, but he doesn’t want to say this,” Sexton said. “He’s going to blame it on ‘the process,’ or the lack of resources necessary to secure the border. And on top of that, Obama claims his hands are tied by the law.”

“See, apparently this one law against human trafficking that means you can’t just send people back to Central America — that’s sacrosanct,” Sexton continued. “But the rest of immigration law? Well, that’s wide open to executive interpretation.”

Sexton said the flood of illegal immigrants pouring across America’s southern border is “all an exercise, once again, in politics” for the president.

“If Congress doesn’t go along, give him the money and give him new statutory authority that he wants, the crisis is on them,” Sexton said. “And by the way — no matter what they do, Obama’s going to blame Congress. And by ‘Congress,’ he means the Republicans in Congress for not passing what he calls, endlessly, over and over again, his ‘comprehensive immigration reform,’ which is a fancy way of saying amnesty.”

Sexton also objected to the fact that the hundreds of thousands who have illegally crossed into the United States are being labeled refugees.

“The term ‘refugee’ is thrown around endlessly to describe people who left Central America for better economic opportunity, and they did so by exploiting a policy loophole and knowingly breaking U.S. law along the way,” Sexton said. “But guess what? There are lots of real refugees from war zones who want to come to this country.”

According to the U.N. Refugee Agency, Sexton said, the United States of America has only approved around 30 percent of asylum claims legally submitted since 2008.

“So, if we’re turning away 70 percent of people who are fleeing actual war zones and other dangerous situations — and are trying to go through our immigration process legally — why should people flooding across our border from the south automatically get to stay?” Sexton asked.

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