The Unsuspecting Crook Is About to Have His Robbery Thwarted by a Good Samaritan With an Unusual Weapon

A man at a Cook supermarket in Australia seemingly foiled a robbery with a resourceful weapon: a bottle of red wine.

A shopper foiled a would-be robbery by striking the assailant in the head with a bottle of red wine. (Photo via ABC News)
A shopper, right, foiled a robbery by striking the assailant, left, in the head with a bottle of red wine. (Photo via ABC News)

The Canberra Times reports:

A man has unsuccessfully attempted to rob three stores in Canberra’s north on Thursday night after being struck on the back of the head with a red wine bottle by a witness.

Police say the man, aged in his 20s and of Caucasian appearance, entered a Cook supermarket about 6.40pm and threatened staff with a knife while making demands.

A customer who witnessed the incident struck the man with a wine bottle causing him to stumble forward and then flee the store empty handed.

The suspect tried to rob two more stores after fleeing the first, but also left those establishments empty-handed, ABC News reports.

The suspect was seemingly spooked by a vehicle that pulled up outside the second store, and despite being threatened with a knife, the proprietors of the third store simply refused to give the man anything.

You can see video of the foiled robbery, below, via the Canberra Times: