What This Man Said About Terrorism and the American Revolution Had Other Protestors Distancing Themselves

Among the demonstrators outside the Israeli embassy in Washington protesting Israel’s military campaign against Hamas Friday was a man waving a Hezbollah flag who compared Palestinian terrorist groups to the American armed resistance to the British more than 200 years ago.

A reporter with the investigative website Capitol City Project interviewed the man – who was also wearing a keffiyeh – as he praised Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad and lauded their past achievements.

Pro-Palestinian protester likens Hezbollah to other fighters for freedom including the IRA, Russians who fought the Nazis and Americans against the British. (Image source: YouTube)
Pro-Palestinian protester likens Palestinian terror groups to historical fighters including the IRA, Russians who fought the Nazis and Americans against the British. (Image source: YouTube)

“I don’t have a Hamas flag but I would’ve been waving a Hamas flag, Islamic Jihad flag, because these are people that, just like the IRA before them, just like the Russians against the Nazis, just like the Americans here in this country, it was armed resistance that gave them their freedom,” the man said.

“In 2006, Hezbollah did something which no other resistance group was able to do against Israel and that was defeat an Israeli Zionist army,” the man, whose name was not given, told the Capitol City Project reporter.

“At this point the only thing that Israel, unfortunately, is able to understand is armed resistance,” he said.

The protester contended that both “armed resistance” and “BDS” – the campaign to boycott Israel – are two ways in which Palestinians will be able to achieve “freedom.” Palestinians often use the term “resistance” to refer to terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians, including the launching of rockets on Israeli communities and suicide bombings.

“This is something which is a representation of how the job will get done for the freedom of, not just Lebanon, Palestine and any other aggression that Israel is doing right now in the Middle East,” he added.

Capitol City Project reported that a fellow protester confronted the Hezbollah flag waver while another contended his views did not represent the wider group of protesters.

“However, the man was not asked to leave or shown any other opposition in the time we were there,” Capitol City Project wrote.

Palestinian terrorist groups including Hamas and Islamic Jihad have for weeks been firing rockets at southern Israel and expanded their range of launches to central and northern Israel when the Israel Defense Forces launched its Operation Protective Edge last week to combat the rocket threat. The IDF’s rocket counter on Saturday night clocked in more than 809 rockets launched at Israel in just five days.


The U.S. officially classifies Hezbollah as a foreign terrorist entity.

The group is currently embroiled in the Syrian conflict, fighting alongside Syrian army troops to defend President Bashar Assad’s regime.

(H/T: Legal Insurrection)