Arguably a filmmaker’s smartest move when casting an unforgettable bad guy is dialing Christopher Walken‘s number before anybody else’s.

The veteran actor sports a lengthy resume filled with wide-ranging roles, often peppered with his legendary vocal delivery and quirky mannerisms; but when it comes to playing scary, menacing figures, Walken has few equals.

He appeared onscreen for just a few minutes in the early ’90s flick “True Romance,” but Walken’s chilling lines are the ones everybody remembers:

But he’s never been the type to take himself too seriously, either:

So NBC scored big when it got Walken to sign on for its upcoming live performance of “Peter Pan,” The Hollywood Reporter noted.

And his role?

Captain Hook. A tap-dancing Captain Hook, as it happens.

What new flavor Walken brings to the classic character is anybody’s guess, but given he’s “one of the most unique actors in our business,” NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt said, the action should be memorable.

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