Glenn Beck Rips News Outlet for Only Showing ‘One Side’ of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Glenn Beck on Wednesday lambasted the media, and Vice News in particular, for only showing “one side” of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“In case you don’t know, Vice Magazine is something that started out, cool idea, gets reports from places that nobody else is willing to go,” Beck began. “They were great on the Ukraine, and they were giving you the raw truth. But again, I think it’s now leftist propaganda, a lot of it as evidenced by what they’re doing now.”

Beck showed video of a Vice reporter with a group of Palestinians as Israeli airplanes flew overhead. The reporter said the Israelis had recently bombed a vehicle, killing those inside, and Hamas responded by firing seven rockets into Israel.

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program July 16, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Glenn Beck speaks on his television program July 16, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

The reporter said he was scared, after seeing the Israeli planes, but those in the crowd said they were not.

“Our martyrs are in heaven and their dead are in hell,” one in the crowd said.

But Beck said the “crowd of gawkers” was right not to feel “all that threatened,” showing a video of what the event looked like from the perspective of an Israeli pilot.

“There’s lots of people and children in this area,” the pilot said in the clip. “Stop.”

“That looks like compassion, not exactly the careless monsters that Israel is constantly painted to be,” Beck commented. “And let’s not lose sight of the fact that in the precision strike on the car, the only people that are dead are the terrorists.”

Beck also noted that Hamas responded by “lighting up the skies” with seven rockets, though they had no idea where the inaccurate explosives would land.

“I’m becoming friends with Simon Sinek, the ‘why’ guy,” Beck remarked. “He said the problem with peace deals is nobody asks ‘why.’ Why are you here at this table? Why do you want peace? We know [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s response] is, ‘because we want our people to live securely, we want them to be safe.'”

“Hamas cannot answer that,” Beck continued. “This is why Arafat and Hamas reject these deals. They can’t say, ‘because we want peace,’ because that’s not really their ‘why.’ Look at the charter, look at their Constitution. It is to destroy the state of Israel. That’s why.”

Beck said the violence won’t stop until the world can learn to accept the truth, “whether we like it or not.”

“We’re not getting [the truth], and when it does come our way, if it disagrees with our agenda, we reject it,” Beck concluded. “That has to stop. We’re not getting the truth on Palestine, Israel, not on the border, not on our debt, nowhere.”

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