Here’s What Ted Cruz Had to Say About Glenn Beck’s Border Relief Work

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz praised the relief efforts of Glenn Beck and Mercury One in the border town of McAllen, Texas on Saturday, where the charity Beck founded worked to provide food, clothing, water and toys to the illegal immigrant children who have been streaming into the U.S.

But Cruz also stressed the importance of sending those kids back home.

“Let me say thank you to Mercury One, thank you to Glenn, for leading on this issue, for raising over two million dollars to provide food, to provide medicine, to provide toys to these kids,” Cruz said. “These children, while they’re here, we need to care for them well, we need to demonstrate American values.”

Cruz said it was appropriate for private charities, such as Mercury One, to show “Christian love” to the illegal immigrant children, but he stressed the need to return the children to their home countries as quickly as possible.

“It’s critical, as well, that we need to uphold the rule of law,” Cruz said. “The reason these children are coming is they believe they’ll get amnesty. As long as that promise of amnesty is there, more and more children will come, and more and more children will be brutalized, physically assaulted, sexually assaulted, by violent drug cartels, the coyotes who are bringing them in.”

Cruz cited legislation he has filed to combat President Barack Obama’s policy of deferred deportation for younger immigrants.

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