‘Horrifying’: Glenn Beck Says the Government Is Committing ‘Damn Near Crimes Against Humanity’ on the Border

Glenn Beck on Monday said the U.S. government is committing “damn near crimes against humanity” on its southern border, exposing tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children to brutality at the hands of drug cartels by failing to enforce our immigration laws.

Beck said the press must demand to be let in to every single border facility, saying on his radio program that “the only way to stop this is through transparency.”

Beck spent Saturday in McAllen, Texas, distributing tractor-trailers full of food, water, clothing and toys to illegal immigrant children with his charity, Mercury One. Beck is adamant that everyone who is in the United States illegally must be sent home, but also says Americans must be merciful to those in need.

Glenn Beck joins Mercury One volunteers on July 18, 2014 to feed, clothe, and provide toys to illegal immigrant children in McAllen, Texas. (Photo: George Lange)
Glenn Beck joins Mercury One volunteers on July 18, 2014 to feed, clothe, and provide toys to illegal immigrant children in McAllen, Texas. (Photo: George Lange)

Beck spoke about a 15-year-old quadriplegic who was found, barely alive, by Border Patrol agents on the shores of the Rio Grande. The cartels had seemingly been paid to take him to the United States, so they did, dumping him — strapped to his wheelchair — face-first on the banks of the river and leaving him to die.

Beck praised Border Patrol agents who are facing an impossible task before tearing into the politicians who he believes have “no interest” in actually fixing the crisis.

“The things that our government is now encouraging through their lack of enforcement [of the law] is reprehensible,” Beck said, describing the conditions at the border as “horrifying.”

Though Democrats often say America cannot deport illegals because it would separate families, Beck said a source told him the government routinely separates families in our border facilities.

“He walked in and he saw this long row of glass walls, and the children behind those glass walls like they were in some sort of a zoo,” Beck said, describing his source. “And on the door of the first one, it just said, ‘4-year-olds.’ The next one said, ‘5-year-olds.’ And the next one said ‘6-year-olds…'”

Beck said the terrified children are separated from any siblings or family they have, and placed into a room by age. Many have faced horrific abuse on the journey to the United States, and have no idea what they are to face next.

More from Beck’s monologue in the video below:

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“These children haven’t been hugged. These children don’t have any idea what’s going on,” Beck said. “These children don’t know where their brother is or their sister is because they’ve been separated by the federal government.”

“Why aren’t they allowing the press in to see this humanitarian crisis?” Beck said. “Because it makes the federal government look like a monster. An absolute monster.”

Beck said the financial cost of America’s actions will be extreme, as well.

“We are putting traumatized people on a bus and just dropping them off at the Greyhound bus depot. Traumatized people, traumatized children, who may never recover,” Beck said. “How much will they cost us later, if you want to boil it down to that? How much will they cost us later?”

Beck said incomprehensible damage has been done to many of the children by drug lords, by their own families, and by the journey to the United States.

“Anybody telling you that the border is secure is telling you the biggest lie you’ve ever heard in your life,” Beck remarked. “It is so far out of control, it’s incomprehensible.”

More video of Beck’s remarks below:

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