Man Records Seemingly Uneventful Video, Wondering Where a Raging Storm Went. Then 18 Seconds Later He Got His Answer.

By the time Mark Hardy got out his cellphone to record the storm that was apparently raging outside, all he took footage of for several seconds was heavy rain. Isn’t that just how it goes sometimes?

“If it eats me, it was nice knowing you world,” he joked about the storm and rising water.

“Honestly, it was right over me the other sec—,” Hardy said, stopping short in his video posted to YouTube, “—ond.”

In that same moment, a giant lightening bolt struck not far from where he was standing.

Image source: YouTube
Image source: YouTube

“F*** me backwards!” Hardy yelled. “Woohoo!”

Watch the surprising strike (Content warning: strong language):

In the comments Hardy claimed to have filmed the “mega loud” July 19 incident from Warwick in the United Kingdom