A Maryland man wanted by police learned this week that it’s probably not a good idea to taunt officers on their Facebook page.

Each Wednesday, the Anne Arundel County police department posts fliers of wanted criminals online — a series they call “Wanted Wednesdays.”

This week, when Roger Ray Ireland, 28, saw his photo plastered on the police department’s page, he actually responded.

“Y’all will never catch me,” he wrote, according to WMAR-TV.

That’s when others made the decision to help police by tagging members of his family in the thread.

“Yo all y’all people tagging my hole family bout my bi stay tha [expletive] out my [expletive],” the wanted 28-year-old wrote in response.

Detectives didn’t take kind to Ireland’s taunts.

Using community tips and various leads, the police department successfully tracked him down. 24 hours later, he was behind bars.

“It didn’t work out well for him,” T.J. Smith told WMAR, “and again, not the best practice if your job is to elude us.”

“We encourage anyone with outstanding warrants to continue following us on Facebook,” Smith added in jest.

According to WMAR, records show that Ireland has an extensive criminal history that extends back more than a decade. Smith said he was wanted for violating a term of his probation.

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