Beck Shows ‘Extraordinarily Disturbing’ Images to Remind Americans of ‘Good Versus Evil’ in the Middle East

Glenn Beck showed “extraordinarily disturbing” images of ISIS brutality on his television show Monday, saying he believes it is “irresponsible to not show you the face of evil.”

“People are defending their right to exist,” Beck said. “It is irresponsible of me to not show you the face of evil, because next they come for you. And that’s not hyperbole, that’s not Glenn Beck fear-mongering, that’s quoting them.”

Among other images, Beck showed uncensored, gruesome photos of severed heads, saying both the Christians in Iraq and the Jews in Israel are fighting for the right to exist.

“This, my friend, is what evil looks like,” Beck said. “This is what Israel is up against: heads on pikes and fences. I believe you have to see the truth. You have to see what evil looks like, because it matters. It matters.”

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program July 28, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Glenn Beck speaks on his television program July 28, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Beck said he spent a lot of time over the weekend debating whether to show the images, and decided that they must be seen.

“We showed the pictures of the Holocaust,” Beck said. “And if we hadn’t shown the pictures of the Holocaust, I don’t think anybody would believe it.”

Beck said America used to view events through the perspective of “right vs. wrong,” but we now see everything through the lens of politics.

“If I said, ‘We’re going to kill everybody who is this race, color, or creed’ … everyone would know you’re in the evil category, right?” he said.

But Beck said that for some reason, many are not willing to call Hamas and those calling for the destruction of Israel evil.

Similarly, he added, “it doesn’t seem that there’s a lot of people worried” that thousands of Christians have had to flee their homes in Iraq as radical Islamists gain more power.

“We, as people, have to care about the Jews, the Christians, and quite honestly the Muslims as well,” Beck remarked.

The clip below includes part of Beck’s monologue, but the entire segment — including the graphic images — is only available on TheBlaze TV.

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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