‘Miracle in Gaza’: Incredible Story Involving a Bullet and a Grenade That Saved a Soldier’s Life

An Israeli soldier is alive today thanks to the “miracle” grenade which saved his life in Gaza.

Israel’s Channel 2 News reported that a bullet fired by a Palestinian militant shooting an AK-47 missed the soldier’s body, instead slamming into a hand grenade in one of his pockets.

The grenade did not explode because the Israeli military contractor designed it in such a way to protect soldiers carrying it.

Israel's Channel 2 called the event a "double miracle in Gaza."
Israel’s Channel 2 called the event a “double miracle in Gaza.”

The Israeli news service called it “a double miracle in Gaza” – one because the bullet didn’t hit the soldier’s body and two that the grenade did not detonate.

Channel 2 further reported that the bullet had reached almost the full distance of its flight and thus was moving at a relatively low speed when it hit the grenade.

The grenade made by Israeli Military Industries is designed to remain intact even after being hit by a bullet or shrapnel, following past Israel Defense Forces combat mishaps.

Channel 2 did not say what day the incident occurred, only that it was during the IDF’s ground operation in Gaza which began 11 days ago to dismantle Hamas’ attack tunnels.