Israeli Military Publishes Video Revealing ‘How Terrorists in Gaza Conceal Rocket Launchers’

A new video published online late Tuesday by the Israeli Defense Forces appears to highlight one tactic employed by Hamas to conceal rocket launchers from the Israeli military.

The video shows the IDF Paratroopers Brigade discover a “terror tunnel” in Gaza, then locate a hidden ‘underground rocket launcher.”

One of the apparent rocket launchers was buried in dirt at the time it was discovered by the Israeli military. Another was hidden by nearby trees.

“We found a tunnel access point and concealed rocket launchers,” one of the IDF members said in the video.

“It is concealed here by the trees,” he continued. “Because it is hidden it is hard to spot from above by the air force.”

The IDF said early Wednesday morning that terrorists in Gaza have used at least five mosques to also hide weapons in. Hamas has fired more than 2,670 missile at Israeli citizens in July, the Israeli military added.

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