The rats are running wild in the famous Tuileries Garden attached to the Louvre Museum in France.

Image: Screen capture

Image source: Telegraph

The manicured gardens are one of the museum’s most popular locations for picnics and just quiet contemplation. But thanks to picnicking tourists and garden visitors leaving scraps of food in the area, the local rat population has skyrocketed.

Image: Screen capture -

Image: Screen capture –

The Associated Press reported that the rat population has exploded, despite the efforts of an outside exterminator brought in two months ago.

There are also reports that animal activists are upset that the rats are being targeted and have been digging up the poison placed inside the rat holes.

Watch the report from the Telegraph:

This isn’t the first word of the rat problem at the Louvre; last August, American tourist Steve Voetsch and his son were visiting the gardens and documented the vermin infestation.


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