Conservative Commentator Ben Shapiro Appears on CNN, Utterly Slams Network for Gaza Coverage

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro appeared on CNN Tuesday night and slammed the cable news network for what he called an anti-Israel bias.

“Hamas is a terrorist group and people going in understood Hamas to be a terrorist group,” Shapiro said. “Israel, thanks to outlets like CNN, has been turned into the villain in this particular scenario and a moral equivalency has been drawn between the two groups.”

“If Hamas could have come up with any sort of outlet that could have created a will to kill more Jewish babies than Palestinian babies, CNN would have been it,” he continued. “I mean CNN is a key factor in drawing the same sort of equivalency that Hamas hopes —”

“Ben, hold on a second,” host Alisyn Camerota interjected. “I just want to stop you right there because you’re saying that because CNN has interviewed Palestinian families and shown Palestinian children who have been wounded and or killed that somehow CNN is saying Hamas is OK?”

“We’re not allowed to show the civilians caught in the crossfire?” she asked.

Shapiro used her question to again slam CNN for their coverage of the Gaza conflict.[sharequote align=”right”]”You should also mention all the restrictions that Hamas puts on your reporting in the Gaza Strip…”[/sharequote]

“Of course you’re allowed to show civilians caught in the crossfire,” he said. “You should also mention all the restrictions that Hamas puts on your reporting in the Gaza Strip, you should also mention all the context with regard to Hamas putting children in harms way, you should also routinely mention the fact that Hamas’ charter calls for the destruction not only of the state of Israel but for the murder of Jews across the world, which of course, CNN does not.”

Camerota disputed Shapiro’s characterization of the network, contending CNN talks about Hamas’ charter “all the time.”

“You’re just not being fair,” she said. “That’s just not true.”

Later in the segment, Shapiro elaborated more on why he thinks the network holds an anti-Israel bias.

“With regard to showing both sides, when you’re showing two sides as equivalent and your idea of balance is to show Israel’s side and then Hamas’ side and claim that balance has been achieved. Well, that’s the sort of media coverage that would have led to the West losing World War II.”

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