New Infographic Reveals What You Can Purchase With One Dollar Around the World

A new infographic created by a travel company aims to name the items individuals can purchase around the world for one dollar.

“Don’t think you can get very far on a single dollar any more? Think again. When Lonely Planet asked its readers what $1 can buy in their neighborhood, the answers were astounding,” the website, which collaborated with WhenOnEarth.Net, said on their website.

“Sure, one hour of parking may not seem all that extravagant, but as it turns out, in certain parts of our world, a lonely Washington can get you an unlimited meal, a pretty serious back massage, and even an entire bottle of wine,” it added.

According to the infographic, a dollar is enough to purchase a bottle of cheap wine in Italy and an unlimited rice meal in India. In the Philippines it’s enough for a 30-45 minute foot massage.

In the U.S. however, the infographic notes that one dollar is only enough for about an hour of street parking in Los Angeles.

The Infographic:
Image source: WhenOnEarth.Net / LonelyPlanet.Com

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