‘MSNBC Is Where News Goes to Die’: Media Watchdog Parodies ‘Lean Forward’ Slogan With ‘Lean Over’ Campaign

A conservative media watchdog organization launched a new campaign this week targeting liberal-leaning cable news network MSNBC.

Image source: Screen grab
Image source: Screen grab

The Media Research Center released a video compilation featuring a blunder-reel of Chris Matthews and a #LeanOver Twitter hashtag, in addition to a website which proclaims “MSNBC is where news goes to die.

“The best part about MSNBCers is that their craziness really speaks for itself,” the watchdog says on their website. “All we have to do is show the American people.”

Scooter Schaefer, the Media Research Center’s director of social media, told the Washington Examiner that the campaign was a direct play off the news network’s “Lean Forward” slogan.

“We’ve all seen the MSNBC ‘Lean Forward’ commercials. The inspiration for our #LeanOver parody was to demonstrate the absurdity of MSNBC by simply showing folks clips of MSNBC hosts like Chris Matthews in action,” he said. “After all, nobody can do a better job making Chris Matthews sound like an unhinged liberal partisan than Chris Matthews.”

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