Glenn Beck Poses Disturbing Question for Americans After Robin Williams’ Death

Glenn Beck on Wednesday posed a disturbing question for Americans in the wake of Robin Williams’ suicide: is America becoming a voyeuristic society?

“The Robin Williams thing hits really close to home for me, so I may be bothered by it more than most, but I don’t think so,” Beck said on his television program. “I think we all felt we knew Robin Williams even though we didn’t. But there is absolutely no reason we need to know the details [of how he died]. It is for our own — what? Entertainment? Curiosity? What are we, a freak show? Or voyeurs?”

Beck compared how Americans and the media reacted to Robin Williams’ death — devouring every detail — to a man who convinced others to commit suicide so he could watch.

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program August 13, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Glenn Beck speaks on his television program August 13, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

“He went online posing as a nurse,” Beck said of the man. “He scoured the internet, targeting people who were depressed, he would express sympathy and then lead his prey down a dark path. His goal? He wanted to watch them commit suicide. So he would help them set up their camera and he would try to get them to kill themselves so he could get his jollies satisfied by watching them die.”

Beck paused, saying we didn’t entice Robin Williams into a room, nor are we watching video of his suicide.

“[But], may I ask you this question?” Beck asked. “If I posted a link on, doesn’t matter, any website — New York Times, Huffington Post, TheBlaze — if I posted a link and I said, ‘Here’s the actual suicide video of Robin Williams, it was captured by his home security cam, see the horrific video here,’ how many clicks would it get?”

“Who are we becoming? Who are we allowing ourselves to become?” Beck asked.

“We can’t allow our hearts to fail us. We can’t allow ourselves to grow cold on each other, and we have to somehow or another reconnect to our own humanity and the humanity in others,” Beck concluded. “In everything we do, may I suggest we try to find those unifying values? Those things that all men find self-evident, and put those values ahead of our own personal or business or political interests?”

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