Pro-Gun Sheriff Has a Message for Michael Bloomberg After the Billionaire Spent Six Figures Trying to Defeat Him

Despite former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg spending six figures to defeat him in a recent Democratic primary, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. soared to victory as a pro-gun incumbent candidate. Now, he has a message for Bloomberg.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends” Thursday, Clarke said Bloomberg’s plan to “spread a few hundred thousand dollars” in his “anti-gun crusade” to beat him failed miserably. Bloomberg’s super PAC, Independence USA, spent about $150,000 to air ads attacking Clarke’s pro-Second Amendment views.

“Mayor Bloomberg made a huge miscalculation. He didn’t understand the political climate on the ground here in Milwaukee County. I have a lot of support for my position on support for the Second Amendment, for people to be able to defend themselves and the pro-gun movement.”

Clarke became a national figure after he advised citizens to arm themselves for self-protection. He also spoke at the 2014 NRA convention.


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