‘Speechless’: It’s Unlikely Anyone in This Crowd Anticipated What Was About to Happen: ‘One Word: Genius’

Prepare for a musical treat.

A new video posted online shows violinist Lindsey Stirling stun a crowd of bystanders with an spontaneous performance of her hit song “Master of Tides.”

The show was captured on camera with 15 hidden cameras and powered by 25 wireless speakers.

The footage, published to YouTube Thursday, had obtained nearly 150,000 views just hours after being uploaded and was showered with rave reviews.

[sharequote align=”center”]”This makes me speechless.”[/sharequote]

“This makes me speechless,” one individual commented. “One word: Genius.”

“Not what I expected, but still a thrill to watch,” another echoed.

“This is so stunning and beautiful,” one more individual said.

Watch the Impromptu Performance:

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