Outspoken Conservative Actor Has Some Surprising Plans After Final Season of Hit Show ‘Justified’

“Justified” actor Nick Searcy told TheBlaze’s Dana Loesch on Friday that he intends to enter the world of professional wrestling after his hit FX show has concluded. The show is about to start shooting for the sixth and final season.

“I’ve been acting for a long time, Dana. And I’ve kind of mastered it and I’ve gotten bored with it,” he said, seemingly joking and being serious at the same time. “I’m looking for a new challenge, so really I’m thinking about going into professional wrestling.”

(TheBlaze TV)
(TheBlaze TV)

Loesch then aired a clip of Searcy appearing alongside wrestler Matt Hardy, of the Hardy Boys, at a wrestling match over the summer. Though it appeared as if he might be joking at first, he was seemingly sincere about his aspirations after the clip was played.

“I’ve been working kind on a project of my own in this arena, in the world of professional wrestling, for a year or so now,” he later explained. “I’ve got a couple things that are kind of moving forward. So, it’s not really a joke. I am kind of looking to do something in that world.”

Searcy also reflected on the time he once told actor Sean Penn to “stick your Oscar up your ass so you can see it when you wake up in the morning, because that’s where your head is,” as first reported by TheBlaze.

Watch the clip via TheBlaze TV: