Want to See What $200,000 Worth of Legos Looks Like? These People Have It — And It’s Allegedly Stolen

This week in unexpected items to be stolen on a massive scale: Legos.

Image via Phoenix Police Department /
Image via Phoenix Police Department / KTVK

Four people were arrested Thursday in Phoenix, Arizona, on charges of running a stolen Lego ring, KTVK-TV reported.

The accused brick thieves are Garry Fairbee, 35, Troy Koehler, 40, and cousins Tarah Dailey, 33, and Melissa Dailey, 34.

Image via Phoenix Police Department / KTVK
Image via Phoenix Police Department / KTVK

According to police, the group’s charges include organized retail theft, trafficking in stolen property, fraudulent schemes, and illegal control of an enterprise.

Image via Phoenix Police Department / KTVK
Image via Phoenix Police Department / KTVK

As KTVK reported, police worked the case for four months, using surveillance video to identify Fairbee and Tarah Dailey allegedly stealing pricy Lego sets — worth $99.99 or more in most cases — from various stores.

Fairbee and the Dailey cousins then allegedly sold the sets to Troy Koehler, who police said sold them online or returned them to Toys R Us for unwarranted refunds.

When police made their move, they discovered 18 pallets of Legos on Koehler’s property, worth approximately $200,000, KTVK reported.

At least $40,000 worth of those sets were believed to be stolen, with the rest being of indeterminate origin.

“It never ceases to amaze me the length that people will go through to get their money,” James Holmes, of the Phoenix Police Department, told KTVK. ” I know that Mr. Koehler has a legitimate job, nice home and he makes a decent living without having to do this type of a crime.”

One can only hope that the quartet sang the theme from “The LEGO Movie” during their toy heists.

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