‘Outrageously Unfair,’ ‘Bizarre,’ ‘Flimsy’ — More Liberal Voices Mock Rick Perry’s Indictment

Less than a day after Texas Governor Rick Perry was handed a two-count indictment, the conservative Republican was receiving support from an unexpected source — liberals.

As reported on TheBlaze, former Obama advisor David Axelrod appeared to be first among liberals, calling the indictment “pretty sketchy.”

New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chiat followed Axelrod with several tweets about the action.


Former talk show host Montel Williams is open about his feelings regarding the policies of the Texas Governor, but he found fault with the indictment and wrote a Facebook piece about it.

Newsmax columnist and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz told the site’s Sandy Fitzgerald that he was “outraged” by the action. Dershowitz reportedly viewed the indictment as, “something that’s done in totalitarian countries and should not be done in the United States.”

However, it should be noted that not all liberals have rushed to Perry’s defense. In fact, one prominent Texas congressman, Joaquin Castro tweeted the news of the indictment and his very next tweet called for Perry to resign.

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Editor’s note: This post has been updated.

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