‘Shut the F*** Up’: Liberal TV Host Unloads on Sean Hannity Over Segment About Police Brutality and Michael Brown’s Death

Liberal internet TV host Cenk Uygur was so irritated over Sean Hannity’s coverage of 18-year-old Michael Brown’s shooting death that he repeatedly said the conservative commentator should “shut the f*** up” during a segment on “The Young Turks.”

Uygur, who used the expletive while taking aim at an interview Hannity recently did with Patricia Bynes, a Democratic politician in Ferguson, Missouri, expressed frustration with the way the Fox News host interacted with his guest.

While Bynes argued during her appearance that Officer Darren Wilson used “excessive force” against Brown, Hannity said that she wasn’t there at the time of the shooting and, thus, can’t make statements about police brutality being a definitive factor.

Image credit: YouTube/Young Turks
Image credit: YouTube/Young Turks

In commenting on the interview, which he shared clips from, Uygur said that Hannity was condescending and unfair to Bynes.

“In the Fox News world everything is upside down, right,” he said. “In his world, ‘How dare — that black woman is still speaking? She didn’t give me the answer I wanted.'”

Then, “The Young Turks” host turned the question back at Hannity, asking, “Were you there?”

“Wait Sean, why don’t you shut the f*** up because you weren’t there,” Uygur said, adding, “Oh, no you weren’t there Sean, so shut the f*** up.”

Watch the segment below (caution: expletives):

(H/T: Mediaite)