The police chief of a small Texas town outside San Antonio died Saturday after he was shot during a traffic stop.

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A witness told KENS-TV in San Antonio she saw Michael Pimentel, chief of the Elmendorf police force, shot three times by a man during an altercation. Pimentel suffered gunshot wounds to his stomach and shoulder during the confrontation, KSAT-TV reported.

The officer, who was in his 60s, was taken to a hospital, KENS said; Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau confirmed that Pimentel died as a result of his wounds, the station added.

Deputies arrested Joshua Manuel Lopez, 24, at the scene, KENS reported, citing sheriffs.

The shooter will be charged with capital murder of a police officer, KENS noted, citing officials said. Lopez has an outstanding graffiti warrant, Pamerleau told the station; she couldn’t confirm if that motivated the shooting, KENS added, but Lopez has only been booked on the graffiti charge.

The witness KENS interviewed told the station the suspect is a neighbor and has a history of mental illness.

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