Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s Theory About Islamic Terrorists Just Got Called ‘Absurd’

MEXICO (TheBlaze/AP) —  Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s recent statements about the possibility that Islamic fundamentalists could be entering the U.S. from Mexico were called “absurd” by Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Jose Antonio Meade.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks during a GOP event August 23, 2014 in Stratham, New Hampshire. (Image source: Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

Perry last week asserted that “there is a very real possibility” that Islamic terrorists could be entering the United States from Mexico across what he called an “unsecured” Southwest border. But Perry added that there is “no clear evidence” that they are.

Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs Jose Antonio Meade. (Image source: AFP/Cris Bouroncle/Getty Images)

Meade said in a statement Saturday that Perry’s statements were based on “beliefs, speculation and absolutely unfounded and absurd analysis.”