Will This U.S. City Be the Site of the Next Big Terror Attack?

Is Sin City Al Qaeda’s next target?

Police have confirmed that Las Vegas is listed as a top target in an Al Qaeda publication, KVVU-TV reported.

Las Vegas (Image via JH Images / flickr)

The publication, “Palestine,” lists nightclubs and casinos as prime targets for terror bombings.

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

Doron Benbenisty, the owner of Counter Terrorism Training School, said Las Vegas makes sense as a terror target.

“The population is very dense,” Benbenisty told KVVU. “The Strip is the lifeline of the city, they know. What’s the purpose of terrorists, besides killing people? It’s disrupting our way of life.”

The appropriate response: preparedness, not panic.

“Preparing, being proactive, that’s the key role that needs to be played to prevent that,” Benbenisty said.

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