Gaza-Based Journalist Hopes to Influence World Leaders With This Twist on the Ice Bucket Challenge

A Gaza-based journalist has started the “rubble bucket challenge” as a way to raise awareness about the situation in Gaza. Rather than dump ice water over his head as part of the wildly popular ice bucket challenge, Ayman al Aloul used a bucket of rubble, saying it is far more abundant than ice in the war-torn region, NBC News reported.

“If five famous people in the world like actors or presidents will do the challenge, that means I succeeded in sending the message about Gaza,” he said.

Ayman al Aloul, a Gaza-based journalist, starts the 'rubble bucket challenge.' (Image via YouTube)
Ayman al Aloul, a Gaza-based journalist, started the “rubble bucket challenge.” (Image via YouTube)

A Facebook page created in support of the rubble bucket challenge describes its purpose as “a campaign to raise awareness about the war on Gaza, where people are are bombed inside their homes.”

“It came to my mind that it’s good idea to show the whole picture — how Gaza looks now, rubble, destruction, cement with sand, small rocks,” Aloul said.

You can watch the rubble bucket challenge video, below:

(H/T: Mediaite)