Video: Group of Would-Be Looters Were About to Break Into Ferguson Store — but This Man’s Words Stopped Them in Their Tracks

An unidentified man stood up to a group of would-be looters in Ferguson, Missouri last week, according to KMOV-TV, standing alone between them and the establishment they were attempting to rob.

“I know you don’t want everybody looting and robbing stores,” the man said to at least five would-be looters, many of whom had their faces covered, in front of Sam’s Meat Market. “The same place where I gotta live, my son gotta live, and everybody else gotta live.”

An unidentified man reportedly stands between would-be looters and Sam's Meat Market. (Image via KMOV-TV)
An unidentified man reportedly stands between would-be looters and Sam’s Meat Market. (Image via KMOV-TV)

“You for the white man,” one of the would-be looters said.

“Man, I’m for everybody,” the man responded. “But we ain’t got to loot! Y’all did this already!”

The establishment has already been looted twice, KMOV-TV reported, losing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. After unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown was fatally shot by a white police officer earlier this month, there has been widespread rioting and looting in Ferguson.

“I’m very proud of him for what he did,” one local resident said. “I thought that was a good deed.”

Watch the complete report via KMOV-TV: