Video: Secret Service Tries to Block Press From Recording First Lady on Martha’s Vineyard

The Secret Service seemingly tried to prevent the press from recording first lady Michelle Obama on Martha’s Vineyard, according to video posted by Vocativ.

Obama was seen power-walking with a group of people on one of the busiest streets on the island Saturday, and Secret Service agents repeatedly put their bodies between the camera and the first lady.

Michelle Obama goes for a walk on Martha's Vineyard August 23, 2014. (Image credit: Vocativ)
First lady Michelle Obama goes for a walk on Martha’s Vineyard, August 23, 2014. (Image source: Vocativ)

“Come on, really?” said a person identified by Vocativ as Secret Service. Approaching the cameraman, the agent said, “Sir, she’s having a private moment right now.”

Vocativ said one of its cameramen and a producer were on Martha’s Vineyard working on a separate project when they had the accidental encounter with the first lady.

“It’s hardly controversial to say that the president and his family deserve some privacy—everyone does,” Vocativ’s France Costrel wrote. “But there is, of course, a heated debate around the administration’s relationship with the news media and their tightly scripted control of images, which the New York Times has called ‘Orwellian.'”

You can watch the complete video below: