Fox News host Megyn Kelly expressed frustration over President Barack Obama’s decision to attend fundraisers in New York and Rhode Island Friday, telling him instead to “get back and start governing.”

Kelly questioned what Obama, who returned this week after spending two weeks on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, is thinking with his plan to attend a series of fundraisers in the midst of international chaos.

“Really? He’s going to take a timeout from all the work he’s been doing in the Vinyard to go do some fundraising while we consider whether we need to bomb Syria and perhaps put boots on the ground,” the host said on her show Wednesday.

Democratic strategist Penny Lee agreed that “the optics aren’t good” surrounding Obama’s scheduling, but Kelly issued some stronger words, as she proceeded to chastise the commander-in-chief, warning him that “Americans could die” in the current crisis if the Islamic State isn’t put in check.

“Get back and start governing. Americans could die,” she said. They could die in executing those strikes. If they’re not effective, they could die back here in an attack on the homeland or interests elsewhere. What’s he doing?”

Watch Kelly unload on Obama below:

(H/T: Fox News Insider)

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