How Proponents of ‘Social Justice Math’ May Be Trying to Change Your Children’s Schools

Kyle Olson, the founder of the Education Action Group and co-author of “Conform: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education,” said Thursday that “there is a huge movement to push what’s called ‘social justice math’ in America’s schools.”

“Proponents of social justice math, they don’t like how much consumerism is in math. Because a typical math problem would be, ‘If you have 13 cents, and a green pencil is three cents…’ You know, that sort of problem,” he began, speaking with guest host Dana Loesch on The Glenn Beck Program.

“They want to get rid of those … problems and instead what they want to do, they want to calculate war deaths,” he continued. “Or they want to calculate the number of liquor stores within a particular radius of the school, or problems related to global warming. They want to put an emphasis on those things and drill the political issues to make a political point, versus just simply educating and teaching kids math.”

'Conform' co-author Kyle Olson speaks with guest host Dana Loesch on The Glenn Beck Program August 28, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
‘Conform’ co-author and founder of the EAG Action Group Kyle Olson speaks with guest host Dana Loesch on The Glenn Beck Program August 28, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Olson said proponents of social justice math have long said that math “has been an area where they have not been penetrating and pushing those sorts of issues,” but that they are “making headway.”

“Because [math is] based on facts and not emotions!” Loesch retorted. “Math is where logic rules, and that’s probably why they have had such a hard time. So kids won’t be able to exchange money and pay bills, but they’ll know about all the liquor stores…”

“That’s right. Again, these people, they hate capitalism,” Olson said. “They hate the free market. And those sorts of examples run antithesis to the free market and capitalism, and so that’s what they want to push. And so parents have got to be, unfortunately, on guard for that sort of thing, too, even in math class.”

Olson said it is “incumbent upon parents” to share the examples of social justice math, revisionist history, or any other troubling material being taught in their children’s classrooms.

“They need to tweet those pictures, put them on Facebook, send them to talk radio shows and TheBlaze and Fox and EAG,” he said. “That is the only way to wake other parents up.”

Olson said the fight for America’s youth is a “never-ending battle,” and one parent’s can’t afford not to be involved in.

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