To weave or not to weave — that is a question many motorists ask themselves each day as they make their way home through rush hour traffic.

Now, they may finally have an answer based.

Popular television show “Mythbusters” recently decided to tackle the age-old question and came to one conclusion: weaving through traffic does ultimately get the driver to his or her destination quicker.

The team arrived at their conclusion after two tests.

The first test consisted of two drivers traveling 46 miles on a highway. One driver weaved through traffic, while the other stayed in one lane throughout the trip. In this case, the weaver ended up at her destination two minutes quicker.

Image source: YouTube screen grab

Image source: YouTube screen grab

In the second test, four drivers each stuck to different lanes, while another weaved through traffic. In this test, the weaver arrived at his destination at a rate of 4-25 percent quicker than the drivers who stuck to one lane.

Image source: YouTube screen grab

Image source: YouTube screen grab

Ultimately, the “Mythbusters” team concluded that weaving through traffic does get the driver to their destination in the quickest manner, but “just barely and it’s not that safe.”

(H/T: BuzzFeed)

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